Get rotation of placed families


I’m fairly new to dynamo and trying to extract the rotation of mass families using the Elements.position-rotation-mirrored custom package that I found on this discussion:

unfortunately it only works correctly in dynamo 0.9 version and when I try the 1.3 I get this result : Untitled-1

Any help would be appreciated as I am struggling for a while with this issue.

I’m not familiar with that package/node, but its possible that it is no longer returning the rotation and is instead now returning “Has Rotation” or “Is Rotated” to function for non-point based elements. If you open up the custom node in the 0.9 version you should be able to see what it is doing leading up to the output labeled “Rotation” and recreate that as your own custom node to use in 1.3.

In the meantime, the package Modelical has a “Get Element Rotation” node that will give you the output you’re looking for:

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