Get Reinforcement Layer from RebarInSystem

Hi, everybody! Overarching problem is this: Trying to copy the spacing settings in an Area Reinforcement to a project parameter laid on the rebarsets since in the set only the spacing parameter is visible (often being exact and not similar to the value of the Area Reinforcement.) Also singular bars do not “inherit” the spacing value of the Areas system.

Anyway I managed to get the RebarInSystem from a selected Area Reinforcement following the excellent code referenced beneath by @Einar_Raknes , but how can I map the RebarInSystem with it’s rightful layer and thereby extract the correct Spacing value to write to my newly created project parameter?

Pythoncode for getting RebarInSystem by Area Reinforcement can be found here: About Area Reinforcement

The params I want to map to the correct RebarInSystem:

Having the same problem here.
I need a way to link the rebar with the right spacing of the area reinforcement.