Null output from Area Reinforcement

I am using BIM4Struc package to create Area Reinforcement.
Although, I don’t want to reinforce the whole plate so I have added python code for boundaries using this

Basically what is done is that the “create reinforcement” node has an added piece of python code
#creating curve array for outline:
l = [i.ToRevitType(True) for i in IN[4]]
crvarray = List[Curve] (l)

And in the last row
#addition of the array to the args when calling the method accordingly to API:
rebar = AreaReinforcement.Create(doc, host,crvarray, majorDirection, defaultAreaReinforcementTypeId, bartype.Id, HookTypeId).ToDSType(new)

For input type I set “boundary=var” so I can use whatever, curves, lines etc.
And in the dynamo script I have created curves from coordinates (xyz) that makes a selection on the slab.

I have even tried to set the input to curves, lines etc but it still doesn’t work and only returns “null” and no rebar is generated.
Anybody has an idea to help me?

Regards, Joakim

It is working now.
On the “boundaries” has to read from level 2.
And in the custom node the boundaires input is left just as “boundaries;”.

Thanks to Mostafa on this forum for helping.