Parameters of different bars in Area Reinforcement

Hi guys!
I want to extract data of all 4 different bars in Area Reinforcement, which includes Top Major Bar, Top Minor Bar, Bottom Major, and Bottom Minor Bar. But the issue is that they are already parameters, not elements and hence I cannot extract value from it.
Is there a way that I can get the rebars as elements instead of parameters?

Hi @salmanjavaid2000 ,

I’m not sure if I understood what you trying to accomplish here. But in my mind Area reinforcement is a chain of bars, so you should be able to extract values of them. Well, it’s seems like you already have the bars separated by “Top Major, Top Minor and etc…”. Since you have this, use the node “Element.Parameters” after each “Elemente.GetParameterValueByName”, and you’ll get the characteristics of the bars. Is that what you trying to do?

Consider post a sample of what you have so far next time, this can save a lot of time for who is trying to help you.

If you want to extract the data of the four types of parameters, you have already done it. Look at the results on you Element.GetParameterValueByName, this should be the value those parameters has.

Basically I want to calculate Reinforcement volume for all four different types of bars. The results that I get from GetParameterValue are Rebar Types

Could you post your Revit file and dynamo as well?

A Revit file, or a screenshot of the families you want to extract information from would be helpful.
Also the element.parameters can give you and overview of the selected elements to make sure which parameters you need to get the correct data.