Get Pipe Segments from Pipe Types or vice-versa

Hello there!

I have a question regarding pipe segments and pipe types, that i did not find the answer to or how to do it.

Is it possible to get all pipe segments from each pipe type or the pipe type from each pipe segment?

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you’re talking about segments of Pipe and not the PipeSegment definitions, there are custom nodes that allow you to get the Pipe instances directly from the PipeType (Springs has one). Otherwise you would have to get all Pipe instances and filter by PipeType (Elements.Type).

Hi @Nick_Boyts
Thanks for your answer. I totally agree with you, however I don’t want to get pipe type or segments from pipe instances.

I would like to get, if it’s possible, the Pipe Segments (Routing Preferences) from each Pipe Type.

For example, i have this pipe Type which has two pipe segments.

I can get all Pipe Segments, Pipe Schedule Types and Pipe Types.
Also, I can relate Pipe Segments and Pipe Schedule Types, but not with Pipe Types…

Dynamo graph (Dynamo Revit
Pipe Types and Segments.dyn (48.7 KB)

Ahh, I see. I misunderstood.

You should be able to get the SegmentTypes from the RoutingPreferenceManager of each PipeType.

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No problem. Some images would help in the first place.

Thanks! That was the light i needed.
Also, Genius Loci have a node to get RoutingReferences.
Question solved.

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