Get perimeter of a building

This seems like it should be easy but I’m not really getting anywhere… ARRGH!

I can get the vertical surfaces but I get the exterior ones and the interior ones (of the external walls).

The closest I’ve got so far is by using this node from Rhythm:

But, as you see below unless I mitre the wall join (the left join) I get gaps in the surfaces.
(the mess is all the different ways I’ve tried to do this :smiley: )

Another example… This in Revit:

ends up in Dynamo like this:

I’m trying to get:
The surfaces/ faces of the perimeter (red line) of the building into Dynamo with no gaps.


Any ideas?

OK so I used this thread:

To get the perimeter:

But now I need the faces of the walls… I reckon maybe get surfaces and keep the ones that clash?

Whooo… I love this forum… Even though I only replied to myself it solved my issue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just need to filter out the horizontal surface now. :partying_face:

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Hey, could you please share youre script? Im having similar problem with foundation perimeter