Get Parameter by multiple values at once

I often find myself duplicating Element.GetParameterValueByName nodes for every separate parameter that I want to pull from a Revit element (image 1). Is there a way to query a list of multiple parameters from every element in a list? I was able to get the desired list structure the List.Combine node but all the values are null (image 2).

GetParameterValue by multiple 2

Try setting the Lacing of the GetParameterValue node to “Cross Product” (See image). You can then follow with a List.Transpose to split into separate lists grouped by parameters.





Another way is get multiple parameter values by name from rhythm


Awesome Ben, that was the missing link… Lacing! Thank you for your help.

Sure enough John, that works as well. Thank you for the additional solution.

Yet another solution. You can also use replication guides to do both of the operations Ben is proposing. Cross lacing in the top and grouped by parameters in the bottom.



I will use this thread to post about a similar issue. I’d like to get the width of all doors on my project, however some of them have that value stored on the Width parameter, while others on Rough Width.

I was wondering how could I get on a single list the values of both parameters (If possible)
or if I can get the parameter that contains Width on the string. I am kind of lost on this.

I could get the job done by doing two separate get.ParameterValueByName but I was trying an alternative approach

Thank you all

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