Get Origin from Plane

I need some help with 0.7.1 here guys…How do I pull out and isolate the Origin XYZ from Plane.ByBestFitThroughPoints?


hah. 7 seconds after Submit I tried a Code Block. success! Sorry:)


That’s super helpful! Had something I was doing to extract the same that was way too complex. Great discovery.

Hello Håvard Vasshaug,

I am happy that you discover that using CBN.

You can also use Plane.Origin node which does the same thing.

Keep using Dynamo and Share your experience.




Every Geometry creation node in our Geometry Library has their Properties and Method categorized with Action and Query. (see attached image)

So if you want to know which Property you can access from the Geometry object, then go to Library and look what is inside Query.

I hope this will be useful.