Reference Plane Coordinates

I’m trying to get the coordinates of a reference plane and turn them into a surface I can see in my Revit 3D view. I can use the Grid.Curve node for Grids. How would I do this for a Reference Plane?

From what I understand, Reference planes have no extents.

I’d do something like this, if necessary…


Thanks Vikram for the workflow.

Is it possible to get from a surface a plane (Autodesk.Revit.DB.Plane)?

According to revit API it seems possible. However I couldn’t find out the proper node.

Kind regards,

Alejandro Mata

Hi guys,

I’ve just found the node that I was looking for. It’s called “Plane.ByBestFitFromFace” from Clockwork nodes and it works great :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Alejandro Mata


Thanks all. I was able to use Vikram’s graph to make my directshape surface out of the ref planes.

Now that I have all of the Levels, Grids and Ref Planes (thanks to you all) I’m having problems controlling the origin points of my surfaces. Any ideas? I’ve included my graph as well as an image of the results.


In the group ‘Process the Grid Information’ you’ve used the default 0 as the parameter for the Curve.PointAtParameter nodes

You should be able to shift the origin (and hence the surfaces) of this set of planes by altering the parameter value (something between 0 and 1).