Get only the outermost wall without use room element

Hi, everyone.
I want to ask if there is any way to get only the outermost wall and not use the room element?

Example :

Most effective method I have seen is to use an ‘exterior’ room.

I found out that most of them are using room elements.
But is it possible to achieve this by not using room elements?

Not in an easy nor consistent manor. Are you using a room placed outside the building and bounded by RSL which are outside the project scope? I haven’t seen that miss any exterior walls.

One method that works well if you have modeled well is to get the function of the wall types (exterior, foundation, interior, etc), and select all walls of the type which are exterior.

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Hey, @ssean7240

Perhaps if you explain a bit more about why you want them you’ll get more possibilities?

A downside to Jacob’s suggestion is that walls bounding bin stores might be ‘external’ but inside the building… Perhaps you could further filter by only having a floor on one side? An example Revit file might also be useful… It’s likely to be quite project specific…



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