How can I count the number of external vertical edges?

or can I get the outer curve of these walls from intersection of a plane ?

finding a point inside room#2.dyn (77.7 KB)

This should get you so far but it is just a start. You need to create an external room and test if the wall edges are inside this room.

Thanks a lot @simon_murphy1 :smiley:

This should work if you still looking.

finding external corners.dyn (31.4 KB)

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i have similar question… can i find external walls using your code ?

or i must to create new post…

I think you can find external walls by their name with the node Wall.byname

using parameter value (function - internal or external walls)e.t.c ?

it doesn’t match
i ll need to use geometric characteristics of walls

im sorry
i think i must open new post…

thanks simon for this better solution, but it does not work in the best way and I do not why !!
first I used the node " Select Model Elements " instead of yours to be able to select multiple walls.
but when I run you file it give me this warning and this result.1

Use the first node to select the external room

You need to create a room outside of all the walls and then select the room.

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I know this is an old post, but when I try it I get a lot of warnings and errors.