Get material layers inside the room?


I am trying to extract the material names of walls inside rooms. I searched for some methods but they find only the surface material in the room. I want to find the under material as well.
For example, the restroom “No. 6” has brick as a core, plaster, and tile layer. I want to get the plaster and tile material names to be listed in the “restroom No. 6”. Any methods?


Room.Boundaries from the Clockwork package will give you the walls. From there you can get the wall type and then materials. Not sure if there is a way to only get the finishing layers and not the core layers, but I am sure it is a good place to start.


I’m thinking of get the wall type inside the room first, but the walls also share with other rooms (or exterior). Therefore, if I extract material layer of the wall, it will contains tile layer, plaster layer, core layer, exterior plaster layer (or other rooms plaster layer), which the exterior plaster layer should be discard from the room.


Try Room.Finishes from Clockwork. That‘ll get you the finish layers of the room as well as the respective Revit element. Clockwork also has a node that will get you all the compound layers of an element type. That way you could also obtain the core layer.


I can classify walls into each room and extract the material layer of the walls.
However, the problem is two sides of the walls are shared between rooms, therefore, the material of the adjacent rooms is also classified into the room. Is there any method to filter them out.

Note that the finish layers are not just the outer layer of 2 sides of the walls but in some cases, they may contain 2 or more layers under the outer layer.

For example in this picture, the Kitchen is in list 1. there are 6 walls. The material are extracted from the walls, but as you can see in the red boxes, they are the material layer that are outside the room. These layer is belong to the adjacent room (in this case WC).

If I use Room.Finishes, I will get only the outer surface. For example, the WC room will be Ceramic Tile only, but in fact it has Plaster interior layer under Ceramic Tile layer.