Get list of nested FamilyTypes for specific FamilyParamater

I need a list of all NestedFamilyTypeReferences for an Element. I wish to filter this list and change the value of the element according to my “selection”.

I found different threads to this topic, but I did not really find what I need.

There are different types of families, but I can only see the current nested Family, not all “possible” ones.

Is there a specific node for this? I already tried all nodes containing the word “nested”, but there was nothing which would have this function.

This picture shows, that I can get one value of a nested family, but I cannot see which other ones are available.

Would this be the correct function to reach my goal, or is there a node that is able to reach my goal?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe Parameter.Value would give all your options. But i am unsure, a sample Revit File would help a lot.

Unfortunately, I´m not allowed to share any family files from the office, but Parameter.Value only gives the Value of the selected NestedFamily, not all possible NestedFamilies in the Family.