Get Linked Sheets from a Schedule

How can you grab all the sheets from a schedule when some are from a linked model and some are not.

This post allows you to get all sheets from a linked model but I do not want to have to filter them down in dynamo in addition to the schedule. Each project may filter differently.

The below image is a node from bimorph but I keep getting this error no matter what I do. I am in 2017 and it my not work with the 2017 API but I am not sure on the back-end coding.
“Warning: Sheets.FromSchedule operation failed.
Inalid View of type (ProjectBrowser) input. View not of type (Schedule).”

Springs.Collector.ElementsIView collects all the sheets in the project and the linked Revit models regardless if a sheet is visible from them. Not sure what’s going on here. I can plug the sheet category into it to filter out linked models. Image two shows that there are 77 sheets in the schedule but only found 47-links.

Anyone have an idea?

Thank you,