Get linetype attributes from a linked CAD file

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a script to select all CAD tree blocks and replace them with RPC trees in our Revit file. In order to keep file size manageable, the design team links (rather than imports) CAD files. I’ve gotten things to work for this team by selecting the element ID of the CAD drawing, taking all the curves from the element and filtering by which ones are circles (see image below), but I can’t seem to identify the layers of the curves (by their linetype properties, I would think).











I assume there’s a way to do this, but can’t figure it out; the information associated with the import just gives me the linked DWG’s parameters, and by extracting the element’s curves I’m dropping all the useful linetype data (because it is now Dynamo geometry).


















Is there a next step I can do to extract the lines while retaining their CAD parameters, or a way to select the linked CAD geometry as anything other than a block? I’ve tried the “Get All Elements from Linked Model” node from Archi-lab, but it only seems to work on linked Revit files (not CAD), and the “Select Linked Elements” node from SpringNodes seems to also not let me select individual CAD curves.

As always, much thanks for any help.

Kulkul script maybe able to help you.


this post is quite old, anyway how did you went with script ?did you managed to get what you want ?