Get Level Name by Active View

I have a script that places a family by line and the Node asks for Level parameter.

Is there a node to extract the Associated Level parameter from the Active View?

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What packages are those nodes in?

springnodes and archilab. Also what the node helps with this. (other package)

When I do this I am not getting a value for any parameter on the active view. John this is to set the level parameter in the FamilyInstance.Byline that you previously helped me with.

Which active view node are you using?

The one that you indicated. Springs.Doc.ActiveView

Try Element.Level from Clockwork package.

This returns Empty List

What does your active view output look like?

View 3651 is what it says. But this is not the view ID

Drop a screenshot of the output

This is to show both versions that you suggested

Was your active view a plan view at that moment?

It is an area plan.

How do you get the node to refresh itself


Has anyone solve this?

For me, ACTIVE VIEW or SPRINGS,DOC.ACTIVEVIEW, there is no ASSOCIATED LEVEL (Nível associado).


Axonometric view has no associated level, it makes sense.

Try this workflow with a floorplan instead.

ohhhhh yesss!!

i just was trying to see this nodes working, and didn’t see that i was in an axonometrica view!

Thanks kkkk

wish package ist “Get Level by Name”?

thx u