Get length of line orthogonally crossing parallel lines

ANother one I have stumbled upon:

I am trying to get the length of the a line crossing 4 parallel curves. They dont have the same length therefore when I get the midpoint my line looks inclined…

Any clues on how to get that?

Its simple trigonometry trying to get that theta, but I am not sure which axis to use from Revit/Dynamo

Create a Curve.PlaneAtParameter on either of the outside lines, then intersect the plane with the other outside line to create a point. Get the plane origin and measure the distance between the two points using Geometry.DistanceTo.

If the order of your lines is not predictable, i.e. if index 0 and 3 do not guarantee the two outermost lines, then intersect against all lines to generate a list of points, input this list into both inputs of the Geometry.DistanceTo node and set its lacing to cross-product. Finally, flatten the output distances and connect it to a List.MaximumItem and you’ll yield the perpendicular length. Its inefficient - coding would be a better choice - but works nonetheless.

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ClosestPoint.dyn (10.1 KB)


Thank you very much for your input Tom, Vikram!

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