Find distance between parallel vectors

Hi all,

I am trying to find the inter-distances between parallel vectors and a perpendicular vector (direction first to last)?
How do I approach this problem as the magnitudes may not be the same for the vectors?

if the vectors are in the same plane … try to pick up one of them and get the cross product with Z Axis you will get the normal vector.

Then create a plane by this normal vector and project all start points of the vectors on this plane and connect the projected points by polycurve deconstruct it to curves and get lengthes.

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Thanks for the quick response. It works fine.

Just one thing that’s troubling me is how to project the points onto the perpendicular plane without worrying about the projection direction.

use normal of created plane or reverse it … i think all point will be on the same side so use the normal vector of plane of reverse it for all points.

That’s an issue in my case because those vectors are coming from some Revit elements that may not be uni-directional. I don’t want to find a projection direction for each point just the shortest distance to the plane will do.

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That would be another topic of the day. Start new thread. This one is already solved.