Get Instance Parameter Value by Element in Linked File

Hi all!

I need to get the “Height Offset From Level” from Ceilings in a linked file.

I already have one script to get type parameter values from liked files and another to get instance parameter values from current file, but it does not work in this case.

How can I get the value of an instance parameter from an element in a linked file. Any help?

You can go to this page


Linked elements work the same as “normal” elements. You just have to get to them from the linked instance. That should be the same process you use in the type parameter graph.

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Sorry, I was not clear. I want it in python.

sorry, what is clear is that I am a truffle in python
I can’t help.
But there are many people who master this aspect


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Can you show us what you have so far? Once you have the linked element getting the parameter value is no different than if it were in your active model.

True. I was over complicating it.