Get image of polyline and export as jpg or png

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is there a way to export a polyline as an image? I dont know what the node name is for it, so I am a bit stuck with a very primitive script

Hi @technitutors ,

I don’t think there is a good way to export a Polyline (3D object) as an image (2D plane), because you then also need to specify at which angle you want to view your object.
Could you maybe elaborate why you would want to do this?

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PS: wouldn’t the snipping tool in windows (or something similar) work?

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so like sofistik with the rebar shapes in the schedules. Im having issues with the standard autocad shape images, they are either too small to read or the schedule is too massive. So instead to create shape images from the rebar lines themselves.

the guys that manufacture this always run into some problem with the image. So I reckon getting an image by the line shape would be much clearer