Get filtered elements pinned

Hello everyone,

In the attachment you’ll find two files: Dynamo and Excel. Excel-file is a Navisworks-Clash Report.

In this Clash Report are three important columns for me: ‘Assigned to’, ‘Element ID’ of item 1 and ‘Element ID’ of item 2.

So, I’ve filtered all the elements by assignment. For instance, Those elements are filtered out, that are assigned for Max. THEN I’d like to get these filtered elements pinned. For instance, all the elements, that are assigned to Anna, should be pinned.

As you can see, elements are already filtered out as I wanted to. But I get stuck on the very last step.

How can I pin those elements in Revit Model?

StringToElement.dyn (43.1 KB) Test 7.xlsx (55.8 KB)

Hi @Alena1503

@john_pierson Rhythm Package has a custom node called Element.SetPinnedStatus to pin elements.


Hello @Kulkul ,

Thank you for the quick reply!

May be know, how to convert strings to elements? I’ve got the following warning:

You can Download Package DynaMEP 1.1.6. Easy to Split Number with Two Option


Example for you


THANKS! It helped a lot!!!