Pin/Unpin Revit elements using Dynamo

Hello, I am trying to use Dynamo to use the “Pin” tool on certain elements which I don’t want people to accidently move. However, I don’t find any such node available or maybe I didn’t search too well. Is there such a node or maybe someone can help me with a python script because I am sure there exists a way to do this.

Nice Christmas present for you :slight_smile: . Within the attached dynamo script their should be a python node that automatically pins all inputted elements, I have put the output to say that it is done and to resend out the elements for further use if needed. Pin all inputted elements

There’s also a node in Rhythm called “Element.SetPinnedStatus” true will pin and false will unpin.


I actually thought I had rhythm installed and is probably why i couldn’t find it, then noticed i have it for dynamo 0.9.0 but not for my 0.8.2 install(doh).


Anyway I have done a quick update to the script to include a toggle for pinning/unpinning, so it should fulfil the topic question :slight_smile:


Pin all inputted elements v2

Thank you very much for your replies. Solved the purpose well and good.


Super handy! :raised_hands: