Get Face in Civil 3D with Dynamo - Issue

Hi Guys

I tried to get all Objects of Face Types but it didn’t worked i don’t know why could someone help me?

I guess your object in Civil 3D is not a 3D Face.

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Fläche_Forum.dwg (949.1 KB)

In this dwg File you will find the element. and here is the dynamo skript.
get_face_test.dyn (6.3 KB)

if you have any idea how to select this automatically like the dropdownlist let me know. because i try to select all elements of this categorie by it’s type.

In English your object seems to be a Surface object. That is not the same as a 3D Face or a Civil 3D Surface.

If you select the object manually, it is not recognized as a Dynamo object type:


So maybe you can select all objects on a layer (and hope they are of this type) but if there are no nodes that do something with the Surface object, it won’t help you.

Maybe the GetParameter node (C3D Toolkit library) can be helpful if you want to extract properties of objects:

But that depends on what you really want to do.

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