Get Elements on Automatic Mode - Can We Achieve Truly Automatic Real-Time Model Analytics?

Ok so I will try to ask this a different way. I am trying to get items in my model automatically as I model them.

The goal is to create live model analytics dashboards that users can view on a second screen while modeling on their main screen.

However, I can’t even get past the second node in this definition because Dynamo doesn’t seem to have ANY method of updating a node as a user models an element.

The node “All Elements in Active View” is the closest, but you have to click over to a separate view and back into the original view for it to “run” even though it is on automatic.

I have tried a python script from @erfajo and it does not read a live model element as I model it.

I tried using “Elements in View(s)”

I tried using “Springs.Collector.ElementsInView”

I also tried a couple other things I can’t really remember at the moment but these are the closest.

Why can’t revit update into dynamo with each element I add?

This is the desired workflow:
Step 1: Model a wall
Step 2: Dynamo find the wall

Does anyone have any solution to this?

Hi…just curious whats on the second screen that the user see, is it the dynamo workspace with the revit geometry in dynamo? Is that correct?

I ask this coz this topic i’ve asked about active view may explain and could answer your query.

Although totally unrelated topic but still talking about view refresh or active view set, therefore if you cannot do this in the revit view i can only assume it will be same in dynamo workspace.

Hope it helps…

Good question. I am considering a few options. I was going to do it in Revit, but now I am leaning toward trying to export to excel and develop a database dashboard via third party instead.

Yeah maybe thats a good option. Goodluck.