Auto Refresh Active View

My script looks for all the views on whatever sheet is active. When I run the script it renames the views like I want, but if I move views around and try to run the script again it doesn’t do anything. I need to use the toggle at the very beginning to make it work again. Is there a way to have it refresh automatically?

Hi @jelloton

Try SpringsUI.Refresh thanks to @Dimitar_Venkov for his awesome package.


I’m not sure what that’s doing exactly. I don’t have that package installed at the moment, and seems like it still requires pushing a button to refresh the sheet. Maybe I’m wrong.

You could also run this via dynamo player.

@jelloton How about Date.TimeNow running in Periodic mode. Be careful while running in periodic mode. Make sure you turn off when you’re done with your task.

I’m using Revit 2016. Is Dynamo Player available for this version?

I’m not sure how to run the DateTime node in periodic mode. It’s not working as I have it now.

Oh. That refreshes it, but I don’t want this running periodically. I need it to run manually only.

The true/false toggle is likely the fix here due to the Revit version.