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Is there a way to get all elements in a Revit model from dynamo without having to create a node for every category? I am using several categories nodes and the all elements of category node, and i would like to do it with just one node or python script.

Also, is it possible to include view specific elements like tags on that?



Pedro Pinheiro

I am trying to get all elements in Model by a Python Script, but i am new to Revit API, so this is what i got so far.

I am getting an error, saying that "view cannot be a template view. Any ideas how to solve this?

All Elements in Model


You’re almost there. Dynamo has a problem with displaying some Revit elements (like for example view templates). Try wrapping the append in a try/catch clause like so:

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Thank you!


Worked perfectly. Just needed to add some filters to get only the categories i wanted.

Works great thanks

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