Get element from list


I am trying to get geometry from filtered elements. Could you please help me. How can I transfer list to element.


Hello and welcome to the forums,
You are feeding the GetLocation node with strings instead of elements. This way your are trying to get the geometry of a parameter :stuck_out_tongue:
Try connecting the SelectModel directly to the FilterByBool.

Also, as I see you are new to dynamo, let me give u two advices:
-Try having in mind nodes inputs and outputs types, as is clear in your screenshot that Element.Name gives you a string, and GetGeometry requires an element.

-Take a look at this post about how to use this forum, specially to item 8, wich is about searching in the forum. A quick peek to your profile tells me you literally search for 1 minute before posting this question. Try a bit harder next time.


Hi Matias,

thank you for your guick answer and your advices. I will keep it in minde. You right. I am new … :slight_smile:

This is it, that I know that I need element for geometry but I coudnt find way how to filter elements by paramenter and after that get them from the list as a elements.

I tried…but still not working.

Thank you again and I am sorry…I will try to be better with this forum.

Hi there,

the thing is that you are using two list with diferents levels. So you need a flatten node in the cross or use levels in list filter by bool.



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Thanks Manel a lot…it works