Get Element from FamilyInstance

Hello everyone.
How can I get the Element from a list of FamilyInstance that I have got from linked models.
I’m trying to use the ElementIntersectsElementFilter in a For Loop iterating over each one of those elements, as you can see in the image.
The error message says: “TypeError: expected Element, got FamilyInstance”
Any help will be appreciated.


Hi there,
I know its been a while for this post. Did you ever figure this one out? ive run into the same error.

You need to unwrap your Dynamo elements. Revit API calls use native Revit objects, while the Dynamo workspace puts these objects in a wrapper to handle with its own API. Just change your first line to:

elementos = UnwrapElement(IN[0])


I saw that you can change the type with FamilyInstance.ChangeTypeId(elementId) but Ive not been able to get the id to change FamilyInstance type. Did you manage to figure this one out?thanks