Get Electrical Equipmento Room Linked Area

Hi everyone,

I´ts possible to get area information of Room (wich is in other link ) from Electrical Equipment.

We have a lot Panels placed in a project , and we want to create a parameter with the area of the room in wich is placed.

Thanks everyone for help!

Definitely possible. I’m sure there are a ton of threads on the forum that can point you in the right direction but it basically boils down to:

  • Get the location of each Panel
  • Get the Room geometry in your linked model(s)
  • Run an intersection check for each Panel with each Room

Thanks for your answer @Nick_Boyts !

Clear points 1 and 2 I was on this way …

I have a question at point 3.

Run an intersection check for each Panel with each Room?

The intersection check is between panel point ? panel geometry? Sorry… , I am not much familiarized with intersections and geometry… could you please be more specifc at these point or show me some ideas? There are any post showing these?

on the other hand…I have other trouble beacuse the project is very large, and have 472 rooms and my computer cracks creating the element.roomgeometry in dynamo? i will try hide the preview … i´m working on it…

Thank you so much for your time!

Geometry intersection checks can be very memory intensive. It’s best to limit them as much as possible. For this reason you would want to use the panel location (point) and the room geometry (single solid). There are a ton of posts covering geometry intersections just like this. 472 rooms shouldn’t be much of an issue for Dynamo to handle if you’re getting the singular room geometry and the panel point. You’ll want to flatten your list of room solids and use list levels or cross-product lacing to check every room though.