Get center line curve for Area reinforcement system

Hi every one!
I’m looking for a way to get Centerline curve from Area reinforcemetn system floor and then set parameter follow direct X and Y without remove area reinforcement system!
I hope can get solutions from anyone!

I really need help from somebody

Hi @Bach

Are you looking for this?

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Thanks @Kulkul so much! I very like how get geometry area renforcement
I have done your way to filter Area reinforcement in the x and y directions! But after the filter I have not found a way to get back the area reinforcement for set Direct X Y!
Please solve this complain for me!

@Bach Do this change:

@Kulkul I still have not received the desired result is the reinforcement filter follow x y
If free time! Please check file .rvt and .dyn!I hope to solve this problem!Thanks so much @Kulkul

Did you find any online documentation on this topic?

@Yna_Db I didn’t find it about this topic!
If cand do filter X Y direct if remove area reinforcement system!
But if remove it is the same rebar beam, column …etc so difficult direct!
Can you help me!

I don’t really get the issue unfortunately, this is why I asked for additional documentation. Optionally, some of the links indicated in this thread could be of use for your needs:

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@Yna_Db Thanks give me documentiotion!
@Kulkul helped me a lot! Currently I’m just stuck in the only place that is input for “List.FilterByBoolMask”