Get and set all shared parameters and the categories they are assigned to


Im want to get all settings from the shared parameters in one projectfile and tranfer those to another projectfile.

these include categories, instance/type settings, group under discipline etc.

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Oh, i forgot to mention, im using excel.


marcel, i am wondering why you would want to transfer properties from one project to another using dynamo.

as far as i understand you want to move all properties. that can be achieved via “transfer project standards” or just sharing a shared parameter file.

i was thinking of a excel based solution once too. i got stuck when i tried to assign the paramter to element types. not technically but i didn’t find a data structure that would allow easy handling.

i was not satisfied with creating a column for each category, but think that that will be the only solution.

the rest like creating a parameter, making it shared, assign it to a category basically is not too hard

regards peter

Thank you Peter,

I have not been taking time to think this through, your solution is much easier.