Get all the geometry embedded on a Revit family Type with Dynamo

thanks for your answer. is there any custom node of GeniusLoci package with that Activate method that can “activate” the families in a project revit file?

Looks like a fairly straight forward method - why not give it a shot yourself?


After this Revit trap, now I get geometry from family types except curtain mullions and curtain panels, which is fine. The results are solids, meshes, lines, nurbs curves, circles…

but I don’t know where they come from within the subcomponents of the families, the results are only 3D elements, where are the annotative elements as 2D lines, CAD imports, points, IFC or whatever. How is composed a family basically? How many nested families? How many geometry types? Is the geometry built inside Revit or from somewhere else? Those kind of questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Possible solution to the active family symbol:

Yes - to get to that data you will need to open the family document and query it from there.

I have marked Alban’s post as the solution since this is why answer to your original question. Feel free to start a new topic on ‘how to find out how a family was built’, providing clear direction for what you are after, sample file, and what you have attempted to this point.

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