Get all Pipe Fittings Elbow of a project

How do i get the pipe fittings of type “elbow” ?
I looked inside the familys but it seems that the parameter “Type Part” wich classifies the fittings in elbows, cross, tees… is not available. Is there a way to do so?
Thank you!

have you looked in the MEPover package?

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Couldn’t find any node in that package to do thar…
However, i’ve seen a lot of really nice nodes in this package.


use a group tool, do you have anything already started? its could be a built in parameter.


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Is there a way to make this node work for a linked file?
i Think this node solves my problem… however it returns null for linked pipe fittings

Edit: I tryed this, and it did not work

I always use these nodes for getting linked elements, works fine:

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Tryed that… didn’t work. Should be something related to my dynamo version?
I’m using dynamo 1.3.3

Tryed that in dynamo 1.3.3 and 2.0.1… It didn’t work in both Versions

@T_Pover Could you please share the code that is behind the node Mechanical Fitting info.

This is what i got.

Hi @ramoon.bandeira

Try this dyn For ramoon.dyn (5.2 KB)

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Thank you Kulkul!