Get actual List name..!

Hi, guys,firstly thank you for the swift reply for my ealier post…!

I neither completly know basics of dynamo nor Pyhton., I am just trying to cook up something,with what know,

Here In this code it returns a error saying room is not defined as List (I thought it assign the name to the list as i change on node title bar ) ,can you help me how to get the actual LIST name

Thanks in advance…!

Created a list node even then not working,dont know what i missed?

You could try to insert Rooms instead of Room Tags


First of all, that’s not a valid script. You haven’t defined the input anywhere. You should have something like rooms = IN[0] at the start. And because you’re working on a list, you need to iterate through the list. So your next line should read something like for room in rooms: .

Last but not least, you should figure out how to properly output your data, because the only variable that you can output from a python script in Dynamo, is the one called “OUT”. Have a look at one of the many examples of scripts on the forum or alternatively, check out this wiki page for a more detailed breakdown: