Which curves can I extract with the node "CurveElement.Curves" from Revit?


in addition, what is the difference between the curves extracted with this node and " Element.Curve " node ?
and Can I extract the base line of a " Line Based Family " like walls ?


Here is the API information on CurveElement: http://www.revitapidocs.com/2018/61673852-2d08-003d-e9fd-4be89d533774.htm

Quoted from the link:

As a base class of several specialized curved elements (such as ModelCurve, ModelLine, CurveByPoints, etc.) CurveElement exposes methods and properties of general use applicable to most kinds of curves.

Element.Curves can extract any curves within elements such as lines in families: http://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Revit/Elements/Element/Query/Curves

You can obtain the location line of line based families such as walls using the node Element.GetLocation.


thank you @awilliams , but i can’t find the node " Element.GetLocation " ,in which package can i find it ?


@abdelgawad Element.GetLocation is an OOTB Revit node, found under Revit > Elements > Element


I am sorry awilliams but is OOTB nodes are different from custom nodes ? and I need to install a package to get it !
(I am using Dynamo 1.2 and didnt find it)


No need to apologize! “OOTB” stands for “Out of the box” so they are installed when you install Dynamo. It appears that Element.GetLocation must not have been a part of Dynamo 1.2. It is available in 1.3.1 (current) - I recommend updating.

An alternate node you could use is Element.Location which is in the package Clockwork


Thanks a lot awilliams :smiley: