Geometry update speed - slow

hello, i am using dynamo BIM as stand alone.
i previously worked with rhino and GH, it seems to me that the geometry of the definition is slower in Dynamo than in GH+rhino.

for example, if i use a simple definition of constructing a point using number sliders. when i change the parameter of the x-value using the slider in dynamo, the visual geometry of moving the point across, seems to update in a slow manner using dynamo, while using GH the geometry updates in a faster smoother way.

it kinda bothers me, even though i know that as the definition becomes more complex the geometry update speed will become slow in rhino+GH as well.

any thoughts, suggestions? why does this happen even with the most simple definition i can think of? does it happen to you guys as well?

thanks for your time.

i just installed “dynamo studio” and the 3d preview works much better in there than in the free license version.

seems like the “advanced geometry engine” is what makes the difference.

very interesting topic…i fell the same, Dynamo runs much more slow in comparision with Grasshopper…I dont know if there is any way to improve that

And Grasshoper runs slower than notepad :smiley:

maybe your notepad is slower than what u think :slight_smile: