Geometry Preview Doesn't Match Element List

Hey User Group,

In the image below, the Springs.DirectShape node shows 181 elements but only creates 138 elements in revit. The preview in revit shows everything but again not all the elements are there.

One more question (same image), I am having to run the script a second time in order to push the Mark to Element.SetParameterByName. Does this make sense?


Try using a List.Clean node after the Directshape.ByGeometry node, with the preserve indicies value set to ‘false’ and see if that changes your count.

Thanks fro the response @JacobSmall!

Still shows 170 elements, only 131 actually created.

one more image that may be helpful, you can see the transparent preview where the elements aren’t being created:

Could you try and select the elements by id? I am wondering if Dynamo is pushing some geometries to Revit and Revit tries to create a directshape with them but fails, creating “empty/invisible” elements instead