Geometry point intersections

This may appear a repeat I followed a couple of threads although none of the responses appear to have resolved the issue. points appear to be in the same plane ie. Z =0

ie. Flatten before and after geometry.intersection

Definition attached, aim of the which is to generate a orthogonal grillage for a skew greater than 25 degrees.

I am running DynamoDS evaluation, (same issue with 1.2.2 in the office)

Geometry.intersect and Geometry.intersectall


  • Determine extents of deck geometry shew greater than 25degrees

  • Use extents to generate parametric grillage lines/curves

  • Three sections require to capture different line divisions ie. triagular lead and trailing sections with the central rectangular sect

  • Generate lines longitudinal and transverse (efficiently eventually)

  • Generate intersections and capture points…vertices ?

  • Sort points according to Euclidean geometry ie. x then y then z

  • Capture and sort the points in 6 branch data trees due to 6 longitudinal lines/curves

  • Re-draw lines longitudinal and transverse

My cunning plan has become unstuck at the Geoimetry points intersections.

I did follow a thread but it was unresolved.Surface_Bridge_Rev_C.dyn (91.4 KB)



Answering my own post: Geometry.intersect works in D1.2.2 for revit 2017 but not in DS1.1.0.2093

Quite frustrating.