Geometry intersect with a list of Lines

Hello everyone, I’m trying to acquire the intersection between all the lines of the list0 with all the others from the other list0, and all lines in list 1 with the all in the other list 1…
I already tried all lacings, already changed the order, but the result Is as shown in the images below.

try setting the lacing to cross-lacing AND then change the list levels from the second node.

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Ok, I changed to cross-lacing, but I’m not really sure how to change the list levels from the second node, sorry. Do you mean that I should change the List.Flatten to other and Line;Bystartpoint to geometry?
When I changed to cross-lacing the result is as shown in the image:

You may need to change up the list levels depending on how you want your final list to read. It does not hurt to verify what the correct number of intersections should be so you can make sure the list levels are functioning as intended.

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It worked. Thank you so much

I believe that I celebrated too soon haha. Unfortenatly this way we have 9 lines matching with all the 5 lines from the other group, but I need to match the 9 lines with just the first 3 form list0 and the other 5 lines with just the other 2 from list1.

I’m not sure I understood your intent, but see if this serves your purpose …

intersect.dyn (12.2 KB)


I made it now guys, the image below shows what I was trying to explain, sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for all the help, your ideas helped me to reach the answer.