Genius Loci References are not at the right location

Been fighting with this graph for a while now…

I wrote a graph to lock the centre of columns to the centre of a wall.

Using the GeniusLoci package what happens with the columns is that the references are shown all on one level. While the wall references are in the correct location. So when I push those nodes into the Lock ByReferences, it doesn’t work. any advice would be helpful.

@Taiszer , hi

can you share the whole graph… what do you mean with lock? which result do you want finally…



I don’t think your going to be able to do that unless you use something like a reference plane that you lock to the walls first, then lock the column. Or better yet use grids to set up the layout.

It does work since a wall and column family have reference planes in the family, in order to have the Lock ByReferences work, the reference planes need to be overlapped with each other. Using Grids is out of the question.

The graph’s purpose is to lock columns to the wall they reside within, so in the event of a wall moving the columns move with the wall.

The Lock Byreferences node from Genius Loci only works if the references overlap each other, if they don’t it returns as a null. but the references for the columns are shown on the wrong level which I can’t figure out why…

The columns on the main floor lock and work just fine.

Probably because you are feeding it a 3D view and/or the reference level / view of the columns and the walls.

You may need to get / iterate the levels / views that are associated with the columns and walls to make sure the planes overlap.

Changing from 3D to a plan seems to yield the same result.