How to Lock the Detail Line to the wall centerline

I’m trying to lock the detail line to the wall with dynamo. but I have no idea and there is no components for Lock the line… I would be grateful if you could give me some advices

@miura_tVXDLF ,

you can also regenerate the detail-line based on the wall location-line.

It could be inspite of automation you have to do some parts analog…



I’m not aware of any openings in the API to utilise.
Thats doesnt mean im right though…

My understanding would be that your solution must exclude this as an option.

I’d like to move detail-line with wall. So, should I Lock it manually??

Hi @miura_tVXDLF,

You can use the Lock ByReferences node from the Genius Loci package.
You can probably find an example with a picture of a graph in the forum.


Oh my god… where were you when i was trying to lock all my lights to reference planes… -_-

hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner
thank you for your advice.
I’m still trying to constrain wall and detail-line…
I’ve tried Lock ByReferences but it couldn’t go as I expected…
And also, I use Python Script but it couldn’t…


It is recommended to post your attempts before writing that it does not work.
The operation of the custom node is very simple.


@Alban_de_Chasteigner thanks for reply. It works. I just Missed some component…