Generic annotation or where they are being placed?

Thanks for posting this setup.

Quick question: I’ve tried to do this with a Generic Annotation (for keyed notes) and it says it’s placed them and I can verify there are copies in the model, but they don’t appear anywhere? I can see the blue nodes in my view but there’s nothing around them. This worked for another family that had 3D content.

Any idea how to get this to work with a generic annotation or where they are being placed?

Thanks again!!
Thom K.

Click on the element id it will take you where it has placed.

Thanks for the quick response!

When I try that, I get
"No good view could be found."

Is it because it’s technically a symbol and not a 3D family?

Thanks again,
Thom K.

Could you show us image of your complete graph.

Could you drop here your revit family?

00_Tag-Coded Note_Finish_Ceiling.rfa (216 KB)

I had the same problem for me worked the node FamilyInstance.ByPointAnd Level

The FamilyInstanceByPoint does not know which view to put the annotations on so that will never work.
If it’s a tag you want to place then you should consider either of the following options:

The first is from Archi-lab, the second is out of the box. Search the forum for tagging families and you’ll find a lot of posts that can help you.

That worked!!

Thanks to everyone for helping me!

please select solved

following this post…

is there a way to place detail components or generic annotations on SHEETS? I think sheets follow different rules from the normale “model” space…

Thanks for your help!

I used both of them and it created tags but in a view different than the active view, which I don’t know which one.
Can you please help me figure it out.

Did you figure out where exactly the tags are placed instead? You can use the element Id to find the new tags in Revit.

yes I did but it says no good view found. I just switch to Create Annotation Tag node and it worked