Generic Annotation family, place sheet & fill parameter from excel

Hello All,

I create one generic annotation family with few parameters. Family coordinate point and parameter value will get from excel. I can select directly family type from dynamo, but i want to choose family name from excel. Because i will create more family types. First question :slight_smile: how i can get family name and use from excel row ?

Second question ; I connect family parameter, but i don’t know how i can finalize. If i use multiple family, how i can connect each other ? Maybe somebody can help me?

Any idea for this issue ?

Could you provide the .dyn and a sample revit file? Also include what Revit version, Dynamo version, and any packages in your graph.

thanks for reply #kennyb6.

I am using revit 2017, Dynamo 1.32 ,and i am using two package in graph, Clockwork & BumbleBee.
I attached files.
Sample.xlsx (12.2 KB)
Work.dyn (49.4 KB)
E_Type_01.rfa (236 KB)
File.rvt (372 KB)

I just left the office for the week. If no one has solved it by Monday then I can give it a try.

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Sorry, I couldn’t get BumbleBee to work for me.

But going from the pictures, at the end of List.Transpose in the first picture, try flattening it before feeding it into familyinstance. Or even just remove list.transpose and flatten directly from family.types since there is only one family type.

For the second question, I don’t quite understand what you are asking. Can you try to make a sketch to explain it?

Thanks for answer Kennyb6,
But its really interesting, i am working on this script just few day ago and BumbleBee working great. But now it give Traceback error. I just change my computer , its not important i guess. Because you are got same error.
How i can fix ? Do you have any idea ? :slight_smile:

And for my second question ;
I mean , i want to create few family type. But parameter is same in all family. Just family name different. is it possible to get from excel ? I mean i am on the right way or not, i am not sure.

Maybe a recent update? I think it is @Konrad_K_Sobon’s package if I remember correctly. Maybe he can help us out on the missing os variable in the python script.

For your second question, when you say you want to create family type, what parameter is same in all of your families? Or do you mean you want to create multiple types with all the same parameters, just a different family type name?

Yes. Exactly i am talking about this issue.

Try the search function, I am pretty sure I have seen similar questions.

i mean I will create Manuel family type. Because i have to update something in family. But i will keep parameter to same. If i write family name to excel row, its enough for automatic palace in sheet ? Or i have to do something more for multiple family type place sheet.
Totally in this script i can use and place 1 family type. If i use second family type it will be work or not i am not sure. (I couldn’t try yet)

Hello kennyb6,
I find solution for BumbleBee package. Somebody answer about for this issue.

And i try to use Flattening but i thing its not good way i guess. Because when i use flatten than i can not use List.GetItemAtindex right ? I can not get excel row information.

without flatten i am still getting error.

I got Bumblebee to work now too, thanks. Can you send me your current dynamo script?

From what I can see in the second picture, the current error is because you are feeding a familyType input using a string you got from excel. First you have to make the family type. There is a good thread here on how to make a new family type using Clockwork’s (what I believe is now renamed to FamilyType.) Duplicate node.

here is the my script. Trial.dyn (54.7 KB)
I try to use FamilyType.Duplicatebut i got stuck again.