Generative Design - Randomise Windows (in Curtain Wall)

Thanks Jacob, interested in seeing how it’s put together.

I do think the options of interacting with Revit directly is valuable, it actually lowers the complexity of the graphs being created - which I feel strange typing as we know that interacting with Revit/API is quite difficult.

But it also makes the whole process slower, as waiting for interaction with Revit will add performance cost.

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Can you confirm what version of Revit you’re in?

2021 here, thanks.

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Would you like this if it was really slow @john_pierson?

I don’t think all interactions have to be slow. :grin:

Years ago we were developing randomized plugins that iterated through options. It did this until you were happy with the results, then you “committed” the change.

But. Using people’s Revit context is going to be huge for these types of workflows. I get that ditching Revit is the cool thing to say and do. But at the end of the day, I need real Revit stuff to document and all that. At least for now.