Generative Design RAM limitation


I already asked a similar question a few weeks ago (see post here) but I just wanted to get a final confirmation following further work with my research team.

Assuming a Dynamo script cannot be changed and is as optimal as can be, is there any way to avoid running into RAM issues when running that script in generative design? This is for Dynamo runs that complete succesfully (but are quite time-consuming) when computed individually in Dynamo, but result in “*” outputs when the same parameters are set for the same script in Generative Design.

It seems from responses to my previous post that the issue is coming from the RAM limit within generative design so I am guessing there isn’t much to do from a user’s perspective but wanted to double check if there were any tricks regarding the machine we are using or something similar to no longer run into these issues.


Are you sure that the graph is as optimal as possible? Have you tried other systems?

To help on this stuff we really need the files to reproduce the issue.