Generative design output nodes of types float or integer

I haven’t used generative design since it is included in Dynamo from Project Refinery. Something must have changed, the output nodes are need to be float or integer. Is there an easy way I can find what nodes are float and integer?

20210505_TEST_01.dyn (19.7 KB)

Object.Type node will return the value - int or double would work.


I have done a few testings. The Solids nodes work in Generative Design if the output is a Solid.Volume. However, the line nodes cannot be used as Generative Design output because they cannot be quantified. Is it the case? I was thinking to make a testing 2d lines generative design on the XY-plane sample.

I added a Curve.Length at the end as the output node. It works on a simple line testing graph.

20210507_TEST_03.dyn (20.0 KB)

Keep in mind geometry items will still be visible in GD (as long as you keep them visible in Dynamo), they just can’t be outputs. Outputs have to be quantifiable, yes.