Float or Integer Nodes

I am trying to put my design into the generative design process however it wants either an integer or a float node as an output. I think I have tried every node but nothing seems to want to be an output. Any ideas??

Those are currently the only output types Generative Design can handle. Your output must be either a single integer or a single float. That is specifically for the outputs though. Geometry will still show in the GD preview, but it is not an output.

Do you have any examples of integer or float nodes? I seem to have tried every node but none want to become an output node.

Integers and Floats are just numbers. Anything with a single number output should work.

What are you wanting to output though? You can’t just convert anything to a number so that you can make it an output.

When I am trying to use generative design, it is asking that my output is a float or integer node. I want to input my design and the output to be multiple variations of that design.

Otherwise it won’t let me use the generative design process

Yes, but Generative Design requires outputs that can be analyzed (hence numbers). You can’t just make a box your output, because how is one box better than another? You would need to translate that information into something measurable, like area or volume, which could be mathematically compared and ranked.

Any geometry visible in your graph preview will still be visible in GD. So you can still show your different boxes for each option, but the geometry itself would not be an output.

Ah I see what you mean now. Apologies. Okay I think I know where I am going wrong.

Thanks for that :+1:

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