Generating a group clash report from Navisworks. Group as per Element ID / Object item

I want to generate a clash report and im following from Navisworks instead of revit.

Reason for choosing Navisworks.
Problem with revit is, if 2 ducts /pipes of same family clashes each other it wont show in revit as clash. Therefore i export it in Navisworks.

My Query is:
I have a wall and mutiple pipes (say 12) through it which is a clash.Navisworks clash report will generate 12clashes.

Basically it is 1 clash because of wall.
I want to group it in under 1 clash ( call it from anything, say element ID of wall)

Im searching it everywhere for network diagram of dynamo. Not getting a single forum. Please give any suggestion. it would be too valuable for us

You can try this: it has clash grouping Or if you are using Navisworks 2016 you can directly use this:

Hey, Thank you so much @ashwinash112
I will compile and work on it.
Will reply you how well it worked.