Generate Design with RSA not working

I wonder what things should be added to the Dynamo graph so that I can extract information from RSA during each run. Here is what I got from the explore outcome. It can generate the result of the first item but then for other items it returns a null value.

And this is what the results looks like if I run the graph only inside dynamo

And the following is what the workflow looks like

Also with the transition of results from RSA to the python script that I used to generate the required result. I wonder what is missing so that the graph won’t work for the generative design.

Like all structural analysis software I know of, RSA utilizes multiple cores at a time when executing many tasks and it’s licensing agreement only permits one instance at a time. Meanwhile Generative Design utilizes six concurrent dynamo sandbox instances to reduce overall runtime. As such the applications are not compatible as they ship.

You can reduce the number of concurrent instances in Generative Design by altering a setting, but this will multiply the total runtime by more than 6 and is untested so it may have other issues. A better use of the tool and likely your time would be to utilize a heuristic evaluation (not the full structural calcs, but the cocktail napkin version you would do in the quick design meeting), and then export the top five or so for full analysis in RSA.

If you want to hack believe the instance setting, the file you need to modify is a .json or .xml file in program data with only one line in along the lines of “concurrency = 4”. The exact path and location will vary by The Generative Design version.

Thank you Jacob, the problem solve when I reduce the concurrency to 1. However, I encounter another problem which is not quite relevant to this one so I will post a new question about that later.