Gel all parameters from elements

How to get all parameters from elements - as explained in the link below (but sadly image is too small to see the solution).

Does this work for you?


It worked!
Do you know how to copy all those parameters to a new sheet?
I am receiving error here.

I think you want to change the parameters of the sheet.
This can help.

Yes I want to change Sheet parameter values to be same as my another sheet.
However I do not want to type parameter names and values manually - as you suggesting.

Here what i did,

  1. I exported all sheet parameters to excel file so i can use for multiple projects the sheet that already filled and get all parameters values.
  2. Filter the sheets that i want to fill.
  3. Set parameter value to selected sheets.

The sheet number cannot be the same… Try this.

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It worked. All parameters (except Sheet Number of course) copied.
Thanks @volkan.isik
Duplicate sheets with parameter values.dyn (17.5 KB)